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Chinese textile industry is a high degree of labor-intensive and large industry external dependency. China is the world’s largest textile and garment production and export country. To ensure the steady growth of China’s foreign exchange reserves, the balance of payments, the RMB exchange rate stability, to solve social employment and textile industry’s sustainable development, it is essential to sustain the steady growth of textile export.

1)       From the macro level,consumptiongrowth further slowed downin the first half of 2015,inMay total retail sales of social consumer goods grew by 10.2%, 0.3percentage slowing down to last month;CPI rose 1.2% in May,becoming the first slowdown in the year.

2)       from the meso level,theretail salesof enterprises above designatedin 2015  continuedto decline, from 9.75% in December 2014, gradually down to 6.73% in May, 2015.Comparing to the decline of10.10% in May, 2014, itis significant.Year-on-year growth in the name of the clothing and shoes showsthe tendency of low volatility,wuich in may 2015year-on-year growth of 12.50% .

3)       In May 2015, the national hundreds ofkey large retail enterprises apparel commodity retail sales rose 6.1%, 0.7% higher year-on-year growth;In June of the national hundreds ofkey large-scale retailenterprises 50 retail sales rose 1.7%, compared to growth picked up in April, but with the same periodtolast year, the growth rate of1.7%.improvement is not obvious.

4)        Textile and apparel export data is relatively weak:

withthe world economic recovery slowing dwon,as well asthe influence of theinsufficientinternational market demand, since march this year,textile and garment exports month on year data has been a downward trend for three consecutive months. However,declines gradually narrowed.In May 2015 the national export textiles (textile yarn, fabric and production)isat $10.045 billion, falling3.9% year on year;Apparel (apparel and clothing accessories) export amountresched$13.347 billion, down 8% year-on-year.

Influenced by export data hadfallen sharply in March, China's textile and apparelfrom January to Mayaccumulative total export amount was slightly decreased over the same period last year.The country’stextiles,(textile yarn, fabrics and products)from January to May, 2015 accumulative total exportamountreached$43.446 billion, down 1.3% from a year earlier;Apparel (apparel and clothing accessories) export total amount is $59.59 billion, down 5.1% from a year earlier.